KY Bail bonds (aka:Kevin Young Bail Bonds) has delivered quality service in the Jackson County Mo Area for the past 13 years. KY Bailbonds has all professionally licensed agents through the Missouri Department of Insurance. Send a instant message or give us a call (816) 921-6900. We provide online bonding for your convenience. We accept cash, and all major credit /debit cards. 

We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have about the bail bond process.

What to do first

The first step is to contact KY Bail Bonds and request our services. We will gather the basic information over the phone from you and call the jail to make sure there won’t be any problems writing the bond. There is a 10% or 20% charge for KY Bail Bonds to execute a bond In Jackson County, Missouri depending if the charge is a Felony or misdemeanor. For example, if the bond is $5,000 the bond fee is $500. If amount of money needed can’t be raised quick enough, we will accept approved collateral for bond or fees.


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